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wareesWHL originated in 2006 as a division within Muis’ wholly-owned subsidiary, Warees Investments Pte Ltd (WIPL).On 11 September 2014, the division was corporatised as a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee (CLG). The corporatisation of WHL was crucial so as to strengthen governance and provide better strategic focus through a specialised management board.

WHL is a Halal Assurance provider with the primary role of supporting Muis’ Halal Certification functions. It does so by providing dedicated resources to perform Halal Audits and Inspections in Singapore. WHL conducts more than 11,000 Halal Audits and Inspections annually to strengthen compliance with Muis Halal Certification Conditions. The number of Audits performed has increased correspondingly with the growth of the Halal industry in Singapore.

At present, WHL has a team of competent and experienced staff with multi-disciplinary backgrounds such as food science, Islamic studies, business management and finance.



Warees Halal Advisory Panel

advisorypanelA 4-member WHL Advisory Panel  had been formed on 18 Jan 2016 consisting of experts and specialists to provide technical guidance and support on Halal-related matters and issues as appropriate, spontaneously or upon request. This is to enhance the capability and credibility of WHL.









Board of Directors

BODWHL is led by a Board of Directors (BOD) comprising professionals with background in Law, Finance, Human Resources, Syariah (Islamic Law), Science and Banking. This varied mix of experiences ensures that strategic direction on Halal Certification matters and corporate governance are adhered to. The Board of Directors of WHL are:









Board Of Directors

Latiff Bin Ibrahim

Chairman - Corporate Lawyer

Mr Latiff is the concurrent Chairman of the Appeal Board of Syariah Court and is a fellow board member of Jurong Health Services. He is an arbitrator in the Singapore International Arbitration Centre.

Noor Mohamed Bin Kader Imam Beck

Retired Banker

Mr Noor Imam Beck was a veteran retired banker based in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Singapore. He is an Advisor, Singapore Malay/Muslim Professional & Entrepreneur Group, UAE.

Sallim Bin Abdul Kadir

HR Practitioner and Certified

Mr Sallim is a board member of Mendaki Holdings, Chairman of Suara Musyawarah and a member of Muis Council. He is the Director of Human Capital, Consistel and had served as Director of Human Resources at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Dr Rufaihah Bte Abdul Jalil


Dr Rufaihah is a Senior Research Fellow at the Yong Loo Lin Medical School, National University of Singapore. She is a member of Muis Council and volunteers actively with Mendaki and regularly mentors madrasah students.

Ustaz Saripi Bin Rawi

Veteran Asatizah

Ustaz Saripi was a member of the Halal Standards Committee. He is currently a member of Muis Fatwa Committee and sits on the Asatizah Recognition Board.

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