WHL Story


Warees Halal started in 2006 as a Halal division under Warees Investments Pte Ltd with two staff providing local Halal facilitation and International Certification services.










Started conducting Halal Corporate Training Programmes, locally and abroad.










  • Provided Halal Certification Audits and Inspections (in 3-phases)
    • Ad Hoc Inspections (October 2009)
    • Periodic Inspections (June 2011)
    • Certification Audits (August 2012)
  • Provided Halal training administration services for MUIS






  • Organised the Singapore International Halal Forum.
  • Facilitated companies’ expansion into China, Thailand and Vietnam.









Facilitated companies’ expansion into Belgium, Italy, Japan and Korea.










  • WHL incorporated as a public company limited by guarantee on 11 September
  • Warees Halal presented Halal Certificate to TFK Corporation, a SATS’ Japan subsidiary in-flight food catering company on 24 September
  • WHL and Life Co. Ltd. (Japan) discussed on areas for collaboration on 24 September
  • First WHL Board of Directors’ meeting on 21 October
  • Minister Dr Yaacob Ibrahim launched WHL on 12 December


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