Halal Training FAQs - Warees HalalWarees Halal

Halal Training FAQs - Warees HalalWarees Halal

Halal Training FAQs - Warees HalalWarees Halal

Halal Training FAQs - Warees HalalWarees Halal

Halal Training FAQs - Warees HalalWarees Halal
Halal Training FAQs - Warees HalalWarees Halal

1What are the courses provided by WHL?

For Halal Foundation Programme, we offer the following online courses:

1. Halal Foundation (for Supervisors) – Asynchronous E-learning & Classroom
2. WSQ Halal Foundation (Blended Learning) – Asynchronous E-learning & Classroom
3. Halal Foundation (Virtual Classroom) – Malay Language

All the contents are based on Muis Halal Certification Conditions. WSQ Halal Foundation (Blended Learning) is also aligned with one of the skills standards under the WSQ Food Services Framework. Please take the time to read through the course description to decide which course is suitable for you or your staff.

You may also refer to our decision tree to help you decide.

2Which Halal course is compulsory for Muis Halal Certification?

It is mandatory for 2 staff from the Halal Team within the Halal-certified premises to attend one of the courses under the Halal Foundation Programme. One of them should be a Muslim Representative.

3In general, how does the registration process go?

Step 1: Set up a training account via https://courses.wareeshalal.sg/auth/client_login.
Step 2: Register students into the account.
Step 3: Select the course and course date. Register the students for the course.
Step 4: Wait for registration approval email from us.
Step 5: After approval, an invoice will be generated via your account. Please allow 3 working days for the invoice to be generated. For WSQ courses, this might take longer as we will be applying for training grants via TPGateway for you first. Training grants are only applicable for Singaporeans/PRs.
Step 6: Make payment once the invoice has been generated.
Step 7: Receive receipt through the account. The receipt contains the course details (venue etc). It also serves as a confirmation notice.

Please refer to our user guide for more information.

4I manage multiple companies, how do I register?

Do take note you are not able to make a training account to register for learners from various companies. The training account is only for one company using one email address. (i.e. one email address cannot be used to register for multiple training account).

If you are the training management personnel for a few companies, please email us at halaltraining@wareeshalal.sg to request for an agent account. Please take note that terms and conditions apply.

5I am facing issues with the registration. What should I do?

The registration works best with Google Chrome as your browser. If you are still facing issues with the registration, please write in to halaltraining@wareeshalal.sg.

6I would like to make changes to my staff’s details/replace the staff going for the course with another person.

Please write to us at halaltraining@wareeshalal.sg for the changes/replacement. An administration fee of $10.70 (after GST) applies.

7What if my staff can’t make it on the registered date and there are no replacement available?

Please inform us early if your staff is not able to make it for the course so we can release the slot to those on the waiting list.

For postponement requests, please write to us at halaltraining@wareeshalal.sg. Do note that an admin fee of $10.50 (after GST) applies.

8Why is my course registration being rejected?

You will receive an email notification if your course registration is rejected by us.

Course registration is rejected mainly for two reasons:
1. Learner does not meet the course requirements
2. The course is fully booked

9Where can I find the training schedule for all your courses?

Please refer to our training schedule and course registration release dates here: https://wareeshalal.sg/release/

Do note that course registration is on a first-come-first-served basis and no reservations are allowed.

10The course that I intend to register is fully booked. How can I be on the waiting list?

For fully booked courses, when you are registering via the training account, you will be prompted if you want to be on the waiting list. Do proceed if you wish to be on the waiting list.

Do note that being on the waiting list does not guarantee you a slot. You will only be notified via email if there is an available slot or if we open additional runs for that particular course.

Please refer to our user guide for more information.

11How do I make payment for the courses?

You can retrieve the invoice from your training account to make payment.

There is a Make Payment button on the invoice. Click on it to make the payment online.

You can make payment by:
1. Interbank Transfer or PayNow. You will need to attach the snapshot of the successful transaction
2. Credit Card or NET2.0

We strictly do not accept cash or cheque payment. Payments to all courses are to be paid to Warees Halal.

After payment is being made, please check the Payment History in your training account for the receipt. If you are paying by Interbank Transfer or PayNow, please allow at least 3 working days for us to verify and confirm the payment.

You can refer to the user guide for more details on making payment.

12I am not able to make payment for the course on time. Can I still attend the course?

Please make payment before the course. You may not be allowed to enter without successful payment. For circumstances such as delay in invoice generation or if you have made payment and your payment is still in process, please inform us via email. In such cases, you may be allowed to attend the course first.

You will not be able to download the training certificate if payment has not been made for the course.

13Are there any training grants available?

At the moment, course fee subsidies are only available for WSQ Halal Foundation (Blended Learning) – Synchronous & Asynchronous E-Learning course. Learners must achieve at least 75% course attendance, take all the assessments and achieve “Competent” in order to be entitled for the course fee subsidies. Course fee subsidies are given up to 50% of course fees for Singapore Citizens (SC) and Permanent Residents (PRs). For Enterprises and individuals who qualify for SSG’s enhanced subsidy schemes (SkillsFuture Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy and Enhanced Training Support for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)), they will be given subsidies up to 70% of course fees.

Course Fee Subsidies and Absentee Payroll Funding are available for employers sponsoring employees who are SCs & PRs. Unfortunately, there is no funding for non-Singaporeans (non-PRs) and Work Pass holders. They will be charged the full course fee.

Do also note the final subsidy amount will be decided by SkillsFuture Singapore.

SkillsFuture Credit payment can also be used for WSQ Halal Foundation (Blended Learning) – Synchronous & Asynchronous E-Learning & Halal Foundation (for Supervisors) – Asynchronous E-learning & Classroom course. Do note that SkillsFuture Credit payment is only for self-sponsored participants.

For more information on SkillsFuture Credit payment, please click here.

14How do I apply for training grants for WSQ Courses?

We will be applying for the training grant on your behalf via TPGateway. Do take note that training grants are only applicable for Singaporeans/PRs and for WSQ courses only.

We will proceed to generate the invoice via the training account after a successful grant application.

15I am an employer. Can I use the SkillsFuture Credit payment for my staff?

No, employers are not allowed to use individual’s SkillsFuture Credit to pay (either in full or partial) for employer-sponsored courses. (Training Organisation will have to alert SSG if we are aware of such cases).

16When will I receive my training certificates?

We have moved towards e-certificate generation.

Training certificates will be available for download within 2 weeks after the course. Kindly retrieve and download the training certificates via the training account. The contact person (those who registered for you) will have access to the training account. You may refer to our user guide for instructions on how to download the certificates.

For WSQ courses, learners assessed to be “Competent” will also be awarded a Statement of Attainment (SOA) from SSG. Learners will receive a notification email/SMS from SSG when the SOA is ready. This is typically 2-3 weeks from the date of assessment of the course. Please ensure that you provide us with an updated email address and/or mobile number so that you are able to receive this notification. Learners can access their e-Certs by logging into the MySF Portal at www.myskillsfuture.gov.sg with their SingPass.

1718. Can I display the Certificate of Attendance/Achievement in my establishment?

No, you are not allowed to display the Certificate of Attendance / Achievement for public viewing to avoid misunderstanding as it is not equivalent to Muis Halal Certificate. The Certificate of Attendance / Achievement should be kept in your Halal File.

18Do you provide in-house training for Halal Foundation programmes?

At the moment, we only hold public-run for Halal Foundation programmes. However, do drop us an email at halaltraining@wareeshalal.sg if you have such request so that we will be able to understand the industry demand better.

19How do I provide feedback on Halal Training?

We provide online evaluation form after every run of training. The trainer will provide the password to access the forms during the training. Please click the appropriate training programme to provide the feedback.

• English Programmes – Click Here
• Program Bahasa Melayu – Isi Borang di Sini

For other feedback on Halal Training, please email to halaltraining@wareeshalal.sg.