Muslim-Friendly Certification - Warees HalalWarees Halal

Muslim-Friendly Certification - Warees HalalWarees Halal

Muslim-Friendly Certification - Warees HalalWarees Halal

Muslim-Friendly Certification - Warees HalalWarees Halal

Muslim-Friendly Certification - Warees HalalWarees Halal
Muslim-Friendly Certification - Warees HalalWarees Halal

With the growing affluent Muslim travellers, demand for Halal food will continue to increase. With the Muslim-friendly certification, it provides greater assurance to consumers. Establishments will be able to expand their customer base by serving travellers from diverse background and with different dietary needs.


Warees Halal Limited (WHL) aims to help companies tap on the growing Halal food and travel market in Japan and provide wider options for Muslims.

Our Muslim-friendly Certification Advisors

What is Halal?


Halal is an Arabic word which means “permissible” or “allowed”. Most foods and drinks are Halal except for pork and alcoholic beverages. For example, pure fruits, vegetables and seafood are Halal. Chicken, beef and mutton meat are Halal if slaughtered according to Islamic requirements.


Basic Concept of Halal


Internal and external factors throughout the food supply chain must be considered to render the food as Halal.



What is Muslim-friendly certification?

The aim of this initiative is to provide greater assurance, create wider options and cater to the diverse needs of Muslim travellers. The scheme allows establishments to provide Halal options in their menu items that are suitable for Muslim consumers. The establishments may be serving non-Halal menu items such as alcoholic beverages and non-Halal meat. There are systems and processes in place to safeguard Halal integrity of the Halal menu items.

Can I still serve alcoholic beverages and non-Halal meat?

Yes. You need to ensure that the handling, preparation and operations do not compromise integrity of the Halal menu items.

Will Muslims be comfortable to dine?

The Muslim-friendly scope of certification adopts an inclusive approach that is applicable to Muslim-minorities countries like Japan. It takes into account the need for social mixing between Muslims and non-Muslims and for businesses to serve consumers with different dietary needs. If an establishment serve non-Halal food in addition to the Halal offerings, it should declare upfront so that Muslim consumers will be able to make an informed decision. The Muslim-friendly certification provides assurance to Muslim consumers that integrity of the Halal food is safeguarded even though non-Halal items are sold within the premises.

How is it possible to maintain Halal integrity when non-Halal food are sold within the same premises?

You may want to engage Warees Halal as your Halal Advisor for you to better understand the basic requirements of Halal. We will be able to facilitate you to establish proper processes in ensuring that Halal integrity of the food served is preserved.

What are the benefits of attaining Muslim-friendly Certification? Why should I engage Warees Halal?

According to Pew Research Center, Muslim population is projected to be the fastest growing major religious group and by 2100, Muslims are expected to make up 34.9% of the world’s population. In the Global Muslim travel Index 2019, it was reported that by 2026, Muslim travelers are expected to reach 230 million and contribute US$300 billion in the global economy. With the growth in Muslim tourism industry, businesses can cater to different dietary needs and provide added assurance to consumers. Warees Halal Limited (WHL) is able to provide Halal Advisory & Facilitation Services to Japanese companies who want to tap into the burgeoning Halal industry. WHL will provide guidance to the applicants. In addition, WHL may conduct Marketing and Promotion activities to promote the establishments that are Muslim-friendly certified.

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