Halal Webinar Series - Warees HalalWarees Halal

Halal Webinar Series - Warees HalalWarees Halal

Halal Webinar Series - Warees HalalWarees Halal

Halal Webinar Series - Warees HalalWarees Halal

Halal Webinar Series - Warees HalalWarees Halal
Halal Webinar Series - Warees HalalWarees Halal

Halal Insights – A Webinar Series


Warees Halal Limited (WHL) recently launched a series of interactive bespoke webinars, providing a platform to deliver industry thought leadership and share Halal basic principles and concepts. The Halal Insights will be led by experienced WHL officers and will also feature distinguished speakers from the Halal and food industry, regulators, and businesses or individuals that provide supporting services to Halal industry and market players.

The objective of the Halal webinar series is aligned to WHL’s vision and mission statement of enabling an empowered Halal community by bringing holistic solutions to businesses that see the value of unparalleled service. Through Halal Insights, WHL hopes to demonstrate our expertise on the business and technical aspects of local and international Halal certification.

Participants can look forward to a wide range of pertinent, engaging and beneficial topics that will be covered throughout this Halal webinar series. Our webinar series is suitable for those who are considering to be part of the Halal industry. At the same time, some webinars are designed for businesses that are already Halal certified with topics such as ‘Avoiding pitfalls’ or ‘Maintenance of Halal Certification’.

Our webinars are designed to deliver short and insightful presentations, followed by a Question and Answer session during which the audience can interact, submit questions and join the discussion.


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Note: The Organiser reserves the right to cancel or postpone the webinar.


Webinar 3: The Future of Risk – Food & Beverage Distributors


Based on the state of the global Islamic economy 2019/2020 report, the global Halal Food Sector is projected to grow 7.3% annually to US$1,972 billion by 2024. This is one of the fastest-growing sectors globally and the increased demand for Halal Food is presenting massive opportunities for business owners in this sector. It is no surprise to observe strong emphasis placed on growing the business but it is even more important to have a sound risk management framework to ensure sustainability in the long run. With evolving consumers’ demographics, supply chain disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic, a shift in the technology landscape, and the rise of environmental, social, and governance accountability, business owners need to nimble and agile to react to these challenges. Yet at the same time, you need to have the ability to identify risks and their potential impact and the knowledge of transferring these risks through alternative risk solutions.

WHL is pleased to partner with SwissRe International SE, Singapore Branch, and Marsh Singapore for the upcoming webinar on “The Future of Risk – Food & Beverage Distributors”.



The session will commence with an overview of the megatrends facing the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry including changing consumer preferences, digitalisation, the evolution of supply chain, packaging and clean labelling, and how we can model from some of the successful businesses in managing these seismic shifts as well as increasing pressures arising from environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts on the F&B Industry.

You will also be shown an F&B risk map for a greater awareness of your businesses’ risk exposures and with this awareness, how you can navigate through the new economy as you focus on growing your businesses.

The session continues with an expository on the vulnerabilities of the Food Supply Chain and its inter-dependency. There will be sharing on key risks relevant to Business Continuity Management (BCM), probable loss scenarios, business recovery-resumption. Businesses can appreciate further the relevance and importance of Business Continuity Management. A retooled Business Continuity Plan and enhanced Supply Chain resiliency minimise the impacts of an interruption whilst businesses focuses on growth and profitability.

Audience will get to understand the key elements and components of a BCM framework and how businesses can look to establish and implement a basic BCM policy and framework after this session.


Introducing Our Speakers

Guest Speaker: Ms. Sarah Koo, Food & Beverage Industry Practice Leader (Asia), Marsh Singapore

Sarah will be delivering the following topics:

  • Introduction to the megatrends
  • What is the general risk map of the Food & Beverage Industry
  • Your business’ risk ID











Sarah has been in the Insurance Industry and with Marsh Singapore for more than 10 years. Sarah is responsible for the strategic planning and management of a portfolio of corporate accounts. She has in-depth experience in designing and placement both local and international insurance programs for her clients.In addition, as Food & Beverage Industry Practice Leader for Marsh Asia, Sarah focuses on providing updates on megatrends and challenges facing the industry both internally across Marsh offices in Asia as well as externally, developing risk transfer and advisory solutions for clients in the Food & Beverage Industry, ranging from household brands to international names.

Sarah is responsible for co-creating value propositions for valued clients, facilitates sharing or communication sessions and webinars for Food & Beverage Industry related activities and workshops.

She writes and publishes Marsh Asia Thought Leadership articles ‘Food For Thought’ on industry and emerging risk issues relating to the Food & Beverage Industry.

In addition, she has recently implemented and campaigned the Food & Beverage Industry survey in multiple languages for 12 countries across Asia in 2020. The Marsh Food & Beverage Industry Survey Report has been compiled and is finalising for official launch soon.


  • Associate in Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII) – UK
  • Associate in Risk Management (ARM) – US
  • Certificate of Achievement ‘Food as Medicine’ (Monash University) – Australia
  • Bachelor of Science in Management with Law (UOL) – UK


Guest Speaker: Mr. Lim Sek Seong, BCM & Resilience Service Leader (Asia), Strategic Risk & Resilience Practice, Marsh Singapore

Sek Seong will be delivering the following topics:

  • Food Supply Chain and its vulnerabilities
  • What is Business Continuity Management?
  • How Business Continuity Management and Supply Chain resiliency can mitigate risks in your businesses












Sek Seong has worked in the services sector since May 1988 (more than 30 years). He has developed and implemented policies and frameworks, conducted risk assessment, business impact analysis, management system review and audit, development, and implementation of response, recovery, and resumption plans, conducting exercises, and assessment of preparedness, processes, and programs implementation.

Sek Seong developed the cyber risk impact quantification methodology; aligned to international good practices and standards like ISO 22301, ISO 27001, NIST, CIS.

Sek Seong’s experience in the industry segments spans across Communications & Technology Media (CMT), supply-chain (cold-chain, food, general goods, and packages, etc.), healthcare retail and hospitals, hospitality, public sector, public transport, IT, security services, marine construction, electronics, financial services, facilities management services. Sek Seong was Deputy Project Director and Special Technical Resource in respect of Development of TR-19 Technical Reference for BCM (edited the Singapore Standard SS540 in 2005 & 2008; now superseded and adopted as ISO22301). He was also the Project Director and Special Technical Resource – Development of SS507 BC-DR Standard for Service Providers. Sek Seong authored Business Continuity Management & Cybersecurity (Section 14), The Cyber Risk Handbook: Creating & Measuring Effective Cybersecurity Capabilities, 2007, 1st edition, Wiley.


  • Master in Business Administration, University of Dubuque, US
  • Bachelor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, National University of Singapore – major in Computer Engineering
  • Certified Business Continuity Professional, since 2005 – awarded by Disaster Recovery Institute International, US (since 2005)
  • Passed Business Continuity Maturity Model Lead Assessor course, (2005) Virtual Corporation
  • Practicing Management Consultant, since 2010 – awarded by Singapore PMC Certification (since 2010)


Take this opportunity to gain valuable tips and insights on risk management from our speakers.

Access to the webinar is complimentary, but pre-registration is required. Kindly note that registration is now closed.