Halal Webinar Series - Warees HalalWarees Halal

Halal Webinar Series - Warees HalalWarees Halal

Halal Webinar Series - Warees HalalWarees Halal

Halal Webinar Series - Warees HalalWarees Halal

Halal Webinar Series - Warees HalalWarees Halal
Halal Webinar Series - Warees HalalWarees Halal

Halal Insights – A Webinar Series


Warees Halal Limited (WHL) recently launched a series of interactive bespoke webinars, providing a platform to deliver industry thought leadership and share Halal basic principles and concepts. The Halal Insights will be led by experienced WHL officers and will also feature distinguished speakers from the Halal and food industry, regulators, and businesses or individuals that provide supporting services to Halal industry and market players.

The objective of the Halal webinar series is aligned to WHL’s vision and mission statement of enabling an empowered Halal community by bringing holistic solutions to businesses that see the value of unparalleled service. Through Halal Insights, WHL hopes to demonstrate our expertise on the business and technical aspects of local and international Halal certification.

Participants can look forward to a wide range of pertinent, engaging and beneficial topics that will be covered throughout this Halal webinar series. Our webinar series is suitable for those who are considering to be part of the Halal industry. At the same time, some webinars are designed for businesses that are already Halal certified with topics such as ‘Avoiding pitfalls’ or ‘Maintenance of Halal Certification’.

Our webinars are designed to deliver short and insightful presentations, followed by a Question and Answer session during which the audience can interact, submit questions and join the discussion.


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Note: The Organiser reserves the rights to cancel or postpone the webinar.


Webinar 2 – Making Your First Steps Towards Halal Certification


Topic 1A: Overview of Singapore Halal Certification

Speaker: Mr Abdul Razak Abdul Rahman, Senior Halal Specialist, Warees Halal Limited

The first step that companies should take when they decide to embark into a journey towards Halal Certification is first to familiarise themselves with the certification body. There are many certifying bodies around the world and there are different policies, standards and processes in different countries.

In this session, we will share an overview of Halal Certification in Singapore through the introduction of the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis), Halal certification schemes, the application process, regulations and many more.


Topic 1B: Key Requirements for Halal Certification

Speaker: Ms Nur Syafiqah Rohayat, Assistant Manager, Certification Advisory, Warees Halal Limited

A company with no prior experience or understanding on Halal certification requirements may face many challenges in their initial stage of preparing and submission of Halal application. So, the common questions we received include what are the Halal certification requirements and what should a company do to prepare themselves for the journey towards Halal certification?

In this session, we will share key Halal certification requirements in Singapore and how you can prepare yourself and your company for the Halal certification.


Take this opportunity to gain valuable tips and insights from our experienced Halal officers in your journey towards Halal certification.

Access to the webinar is complimentary, but pre-registration is required. Kindly note that registration is now closed.